Life is only one / Жизнь, по слухам, одна!
Life is only one / Жизнь, по слухам, одна!
Publish date: 2009
ISBN: 9789545289439
Genre: Crime,
v. 2 from series Tatiana Ustinov. Selected
Dimensions: 13x20
Илюстративен материал: без илюстративен материал
Pages: 304
Price: 11.99 5.00 BGN


He did not expect anything unusual from his next mission in Petrograd. Suddenly everything got out of control when Gleb Zvonitski unexpectedly met Katya. Gleb was once her father's, governor of the Beloyark county, guard. Later on he resinged and started working for somebody else.

Katya was a girl not familiar with that world and Gleb decided that she needs protection again. But this time everything went wrong. She made him take part in the investigation of a murder. Katya explained there is no second chance in life.

He did not expect anything unusual from his next mission in Petrovgrad, but got everything. One may say that you live only once, but Gleb got his second chance and started from square one...


Он не ожидал ничего сверхъестественного от обычной командировки в Питер. Но все моментально вышло из-под контроля, когда Глеб Звоницкий неожиданно встретил Катю, ту самую Катю… Когда-то Глеб служил в охране ее отца, губернатора Белоярского края, а потом ушел с работы. Катя всегда была немного «не от мира сего», и Глеб по привычке решил было, что снова должен защитить и спасти ее!..

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