Palace coup against TODOR ZHIVKOV
Palace coup against TODOR ZHIVKOV
Author: Nedyu Nedev
Publish date: 2016
ISBN: 9789543984596
Dimensions: 13x21
Nationality: bulgarian
Илюстративен материал: черно-бял илюстративен материал
Pages: 192
Price: 8.99 BGN

The purpose of this book is empirical description of what is known as internal party coup of November 10, 1989. Since then walked more than a quarter century, life as always impose its history. There were unpredictable transformations, but they rejected the recognition that the home page of the changes begins with November 10, 1989. Naturally, such problems conceptual differences are inevitable. The claim that the beginning is this date does not overshadow next phases and their artists. The repertoire of the book is historical, but the events are still in sight of the political passions.
The central theme of the study is the operation organized by oponentnite of Todor Zhivkov forces and led to the replacement of the head of the ruling party and head of state.
It is ignored and its statement that it is a resignation, not a coup. Narrowed under study does not monopolize the forces and events that does not diminish social movements and groups as well as international factors and prepared for changing Bulgaria.

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