Neoliberalism and Social Democracy
Neoliberalism and Social Democracy
Author: Colin Crouch
Publish date: 2019
ISBN: 9789543985739
Dimensions: 13x21
Nationality: English
Translator: Dimitar Dimitrov
Илюстративен материал: без илюстративен материал
Pages: 312
Price: 11.99 5.00 BGN

The financial crisis seemed to present a fundamental challengeto neo-liberalism, the body of ideas that have constituted thepolitical orthodoxy of most advanced economies in recent decades.Colin Crouch argues in this book that it will shrug off thischallenge. The reason is that while neo-liberalism seems to beabout free markets, in practice it is concerned with the dominanceover public life of the giant corporation. This has beenintensified, not checked, by the recent financial crisis andacceptance that certain financial corporations are ‘too bigto fail'. Although much political debate remains preoccupied withconflicts between the market and the state, the impact of thecorporation on both these is today far more important.

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