The Resettlement
The Resettlement
Publish date: 2024
ISBN: 9789543985906
Genre: Fiction
v. 133 from series Other
Dimensions: 13x21
Nationality: Bulgarian
Илюстративен материал: без илюстративен материал
Pages: 184
Price: 14.99 BGN

"Resettlement" (from Trud Book publishing house) is a book written by Professor Boyan Biolchev for years. Influenced by the personal destiny of his family, history began during the First Balkan War. The Turks come to the northwest and are devastated in the Bulgarian villages of Aegean Thrace. A Bulgarian family runs away with her two sons, her daughter and her newborn granddaughter. Only six years old, one of the boys rescues his mummy brother from being raped by a Turkish soldier by shooting him with his own rifle. But protecting the family from being found and slaughtered, the grandfather suffocates her newborn granddaughter. After many difficulties the family arrived in a small Bulgarian town Vasiliko (today Tsarevo).

Ivan is the father of the newborn who runs to the Aegean Sea by the Turkish army in which he served not to shoot Bulgarians. After many distractions, far from the family and without news of his fate, Ivan managed to find his wife, Zlatina and his family. But is it not too late to stick to what is irretrievably broken?

"Resettlement" is a hymn. A genre that is forgotten by Bulgarian writers, but a genre in which Bulgarian literature has traditions. Professor Boyan Biolchev manages to recreate skillfully and truthfully the atmosphere in the Bulgarian lands in those dark and troubled times. Times in which, without bravery and courage, survival was impossible.

The book "Resettlement" is an event. Professor Biolchev will present it first in Tzarevo, on December 14, as close as possible to the place where the book works. A special meeting with readers in Sofia will be held early next year. The cover is a special gesture by Professor Gredi Assa.

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