Best Selection from Jordan Jovkov
Best Selection from Jordan Jovkov
Publish date: 2021
v. 0 from series Golden Classics
Dimensions: 16x21
Луксозна корица
Илюстративен материал: без илюстративен материал
Pages: 600
Price: 35.00 BGN

The collection of selected works includes the most significant of the rich works of the writer, who has become a symbol of the Bulgarian soul and the Bulgarian village - Yordan Yovkov. Selected stories from his earliest to late work - military, folk, animalistic, from the popular and beloved cycles: "Evenings at the Antimov Inn", "Stara Planina Legends", "Song of the Wheels", "They Won", "Women's Heart" "," If they could talk. " The story "Countrymen" also occupies a proper place in it. Yovkov's characters are people striving for beauty, goodness and love, torn by doubts and pain, but rely on a strong internal corrective - the relationship with God. The deep knowledge of the thrills of the human soul - the emotions of love, maternal and paternal love and care, pain and suffering caused by war, attachment to the land and homeland, understanding and love for animals perceived as beings with a soul, called for the preservation of beauty and purity in the relations between people, in the relation to nature and the homeland, make Yovkov's work understandable for the modern reader as well. Most of his stories are familiar to Bulgarians from an early age, as they are studied at school, and are part of the favorite works of several generations.


The collection of 600 pages is published in luxury binding and continues the tradition of Trud Publishing House to present in a proper way the classic works of Bulgarian authors.

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