Linguistic tournaments of "Knowledge Workshop
Linguistic tournaments of "Knowledge Workshop
Publish date: 2021
ISBN: 9789543986538
v. 0 from series "Knowledge" Library
Dimensions: 16.5x23.5
Илюстративен материал: черно-бял илюстративен материал
Pages: 168
Price: 15.00 BGN

The collection of tasks "Linguistic Tournaments of the Knowledge Workshop" has two merits. As a chronicle of the linguistic tournaments held to date by the Knowledge Workshop, it is valuable for the history of linguistic competitions in Bulgaria and around the world. As a collection of tasks, it is of interest to all participants in student competitions and Olympiads in linguistics, their teachers and coaches, university professors of linguistics, and curious people prone to mental entertainment. Linguistic tasks and tournaments are an original way to introduce students to the science of language. Bulgaria is the second country in the world after the former Soviet Union to host language tournaments for high school students. Since 2003, linguistics has been a full-fledged Olympic discipline on the MES calendar, enjoying great popularity, and although the annual competitions are not small, the demand is ahead of the supply. This was the reason for the birth of the Knowledge Workshop linguistics tournaments. Their initiator - Vesselin Zlatilov, a teacher and leader of long-term linguistics clubs - is one of the authors of this book. The other is the multiple medalist from the Linguistic Olympiads Zdravko Ivanov, who as a student in the upper grades takes an active part in the organization of the tournaments of the "Workshop". In the book, each task is accompanied by a detailed solution. It is worth noting that the decisions are not schematic, but also show the possible course of reasoning. This is especially useful for readers who can already appreciate the beauty of the answer to a linguistic task, but need help to learn to find their own way to it. The new edition is not only supplemented with the tasks from the tournaments held from 2019 to 2021, but also some of the decisions in the first edition have been corrected, expanded, supplemented by the authors to be as understandable and useful to readers.

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