Publish date: 2023
ISBN: 9789543987924
Genre: Bulgarian
v. 0 from series Other
Dimensions: 13x21
Илюстративен материал: черно-бял илюстративен материал
Pages: 104
Price: 14.99 BGN

A brilliantly conducted pageant deserves its logical and beautiful climax; and this is not the awards ceremony. Because a ceremony flashes and fades, only the trace remains in the memories of those present. The real culmination is the one in front of you – the book that collected all the nominated texts.
And the texts that arrived to participate in the contest dedicated to the great Strandjan poet Yanaki Petrov, were over a thousand. This suggests that the selected and nominated twenty are the result of a very strict and large-scale selection - and it is a guarantee of their very high quality. These twenty may not be equal in anyone's opinion, but such an assessment would simply be a product of personal taste: above a level of mastery, texts - however different and precisely because they are different - should not be compared in quality! It's ridiculous to compare a waterfall to a Geiger counter - you could just say that both are very good in their own right. This competition, which illuminated and paid due respect to the work of one of the great Bulgarian poets, gives way to the work of others - and that is the hope. Let the name of a Great One be the star of Bethlehem for others to come after him. Even if they write in a completely different way. In fact - to write "another way" - this is the truth. Welcome to this wonderful collection and enjoy - it contains things written with a lot of mind and heart.

Chairman of the jury
Kalin Terziyski

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